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Welcome! T.O.P. (The Other Planet Research Group) welcomes you to India’s very first website on Aliens & UFOs with all related details like UFO sightings, Crop Circles, Life on other Planets, UFO propulsion systems. TOP Research Group is working from a long time to unveil the truth of extraterrestrial beings and objects. Dedicated researchers, Ufologists and volunteers at TOP are working to solve many mysteries like where do aliens live?, What technology are they using?, Why are they interested in our planet?, Where are UFOs sighted most often?, Is there any intelligent life existing on other planets? etc.

“TOP is the first Indian research group working to disclose the truth of Aliens & UFOs”. Few of our interesting online programs are MTA (Message To Aliens), report a UFO sighting, Survey etc.


Where do the aliens live, Where are the aliens bases, What technology the aliens use.. and many more such mysteries are under study at TOP. The Other Planet (TOP), a banner of TOP Research Group is disclosing all the truth..


All you want to know about the Aliens is here. Our researchers are working from a long time to disclose the truth of aliens. In our 'MTA' (Message To Aliens) program, you can put your message for Aliens.
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U.F.O. (Unidentified flying object) is the popular term used for any flying object which can not be identified by the observer immediately; especially those considered to have extraterrestrial origins. Read full article..

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